Shared P2P backup

I am running a single-node single-disk MinIO intended for backing up data of my friends. If you want to participate and you want me to host your data, let me know.

I can’t promise that the access URL wil remain the same forever. I am using forwarding proxies to access my server which does not have public IP and I might be forced to change my provider. However, I can guarantee one level of indirection and provide you with an “API” to get the current URL:

So, if you want to access my MinIO instance from scripts, always start with:


Alternatively, be prepared to check for URL change manually when something breaks.

Usage instructions

I will give you credentials for logging in to the admin console. There, you can create new buckets as you see fit. However, you are limited to buckets with their name prefixed by your username.

To use it with any backup tool, go to the Access Keys page and create a new access token. Use that to configure your S3 API compatible backup tool.

Usage suggestion

I think it might be a reasonably robust idea to host you own MinIO instance and setup replication to a bucket on my server.