About me

I study computer science at MFF UK in Prague. I am currently working on my diploma thesis, which I am likely to finish in summer 2023.

Even though I am currently unemployed, I worked part-time in software development during my studies. My last job was at CZ.NIC developing new features for Knot Resolver.

After studies and work, I organize free time educational activities for the youth, focusing on experiential learning. I mainly teach what I know the best - computer science, but once in a while, I like to try something new. Most regularly, you can meet me at Protab (week-long summer camp), activities organized by KSP (year-round seminar) or Prázdninová škola Lipnice

When not socializing, you can find me in the mountains. It does not matter if it's winter or summer. There is something I like about every season.


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